Meet the team: Colin Christie

Colin was born in Durban and raised in Swaziland. On finishing college he joined the Swaziland Police and later joined the Police in what was then Rhodesia.

On returning to South Africa at the end of the 70’s he started his career with TEBA, a wing of the Chamber of Mines supplying labour to the gold mines. He took on many roles within TEBA where he operated in all the homelands gaining an intimate knowledge of South Africa’s many ethnic groups in South Africa and neighbouring countries. In later years he became director of the Social Services Division working out of Johannesburg and dealing directly with disabled and terminally ill mine workers from Malawi to the South African Cape Province.. Colin found his niche in the social services arena including empowering the disabled in deep rural areas with his mix of empathy and practicality; quickly obtaining support for the many diverse projects he initiated to improve the lives of the people. A few of these projects included the building of clinics, the formation of community vegetable gardens, an adult literacy programme, support basis for quadriplegics and HIV/AIDS sufferers and their families, with home base care initiatives.

Colin has lived most of his life in rural areas hence his interest and experience in nature, culture and wildlife. His career has seen him at ease in both the corporate and rural environments where his skill in dealing with people and serving his community on many levels has been utilised.


Colin does all of African Insight’s tours for the terminally ill for the Netherlands Branch of The Wish Foundation.


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