Meet the team: Stef Steyn

Stef is a registered National Tourist Guide with a specialist qualification in nature and cultural.

Born and bred in the Kwa Zulu Natal Midlands with the Drakensberg Mountains on his doorstep, Stef’s passion for the outdoors was fueled whilst getting to know, on an intimate basis, its passes, peaks, caves, shelters and seasonal moods. Three times Stef has undertaken the challenging “Grand Traverse” across the top of the Drakensberg from Royal National Park to Bushman’s Neck.

Being a keen naturalist Stef qualified as a Field Guide and has explored and guided tours to all the wildlife areas of Zululand, as well as Kruger National Park and many more.

Most importantly Stef enjoys sharing his expertise and knowledge with small, interested groups. Stef has Africa in his blood and will lead you to remote, pristine areas where he will help you feel the very heartbeat of Africa.







About Andrew Anderson

Managing Director: African Insight - Travel Experiences That Make A Difference African Insight - Explorations Tourism Concessionaire - Somkhanda Game Reserve
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