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August/September is the month for the well known Umkhosi woMhlanga – THE ROYAL REED FESTIVAL. Annually this festival is held in northern Zululand at His Majesty’s, the King of the Zulu Nation’s royal residence at KwaNyokeni Palace near Nongoma. This … Continue reading

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A tongue-in-cheek look at the Kruger

Let’s go to the reserve to rekindle our souls, get back to nature, relax and escape the concrete jungle! The trappings of all the mod cons have made this statement “ancient history” – well at least 15 years out of … Continue reading

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What does a guide do besides being on permanent holiday?

I often get asked what I do as a guide so to answer this I have written about one transect that we did with Roehampton University this July: It’s cold, no – very cold as we climb onto the open … Continue reading

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This is the belief of the ‘dogmatic Marxist’ quoted from Hayton’s book Vietnam: Rising Dragon. Scott Roberton says that Vietnam’s economic model is, at its heart, driven by a desire ‘to make money, no matter what the cost’. Clearly the … Continue reading

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You saw nothing?

As with most people who work in, or have a passion for the bush and wildlife, I have an issue that peeves me off no end – and that is when asking people who have just returned from a trip … Continue reading

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Nesting in birds

The nesting behavior in birds is very specific to the species in question. Generally nests are made for one brood, and in some cases for only one breeding attempt. Should the breeding attempt fail for whatever reason, the nest is … Continue reading

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Sex in a down feathered beds

House Sparrow Passer domesticus populations have crashed severely in many parts of the world due to a number of reasons, some man-made, others due to inter-specific competition. In some areas these crashes have resulted in up to 70% of the … Continue reading

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Roehampton University Tour in pictures

Roehamptons on-going support to the Hundzukani School. This year Roehampton raised money to purchase building materials for the school. One of the hyenas slowly making its way down the misty road. At Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre A bull elephant in the … Continue reading

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Roehampton University

Anthropology: the study of humankind in all its aspects, especially human culture or human development. It differs from sociology in taking a more historical and comparative approach. How is this opening statement relevant? As far as Roehampton University is concerned … Continue reading

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One year down

Can you believe that today I have been working for African Insight for a year? As the saying goes “time flies when you are having fun”. A year ago I was nervous as I didn’t know what I was letting … Continue reading

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