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AZUSA’s Imfolozi Safari – November 2013

As I have mentioned before AZUSA is always a fun filled and happy group to take away on tour. AZUSA is an American University that do a semester in South Africa based at African Enterprise in Pietermaritzburg. Our trip began … Continue reading

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Nuptial Flight

It is a curse for many drivers when the termites, or flying ants as they are commonly referred to, decide to leave the sanctity of their underground nests and take to the air, many of which end up smearing their … Continue reading

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What are the basic requirements for any animal to survive in a given area? Essentially they are; food, shelter, water and a place to breed or nest in the case of birds. But how far will they go to establish … Continue reading

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What is it with photographers as all I ever see is pictures of elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards, cheetah, hyenas’, wild dog etc? Why do they never show the common species and more importantly the smaller more interesting stuff? (You have … Continue reading

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The use of fire in a reserve is always a contentious issue because people often don’t realize the importance of fire as a management tool and are always concerned about the wildlife, especially the small animals that cannot escape it … Continue reading

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Elephant tusks convert into firearms and bombs

Have you ever though that elephants and the recent tragic killing in the mall in Kenya by Al-Shabaab were linked? I certainly didn’t but after reading this link by former US President Bill Clinton, I do now: I’m sure … Continue reading

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How times have changed – for the worst

How times have changed! Let’s glimpse at a few of these changes in the Game Ranging profession starting off in the 60’s. Many of the rangers employed were former policemen or military men. A standard 6 was the minimum requirement, … Continue reading

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Mobile Safari Camp – Somkhanda Game Reserve

If camping is your thing but good ablutions are a prerequisite, then visit our Mobile Safari Camp in the heart of African Insight’s game reserve in northern Zululand. Not only are the ablutions 1st class but we will also erect … Continue reading

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Somkhanda Game Reserve – Birding Trip

I confess I was wrong – very wrong! Andrew Anderson has been saying for ages that Somkhanda Game Reserve has more than enough game, I, on the other hand, was not convinced. That was until Tuesday this week that is. … Continue reading

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Happy International Vulture Awareness Day

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