Yellowwood trees

Some people say that the Yellowwood tree is the most beautiful tree in South Africa. How does one judge that?

But the Yellowwood is South Africa’s National tree.

Yellowwoods take ever so long to grow, but they are very long living. When they are given the chance, they grow into huge, evergreen trees.

In the past the Yellowwood tree was quite abundant in South Africa, but for many years they were highly sought after for timber. Many of the old Cape Dutch houses has Yellowwood floors and roof beams. The timber was also used for railway sleepers, coffins and wagon boxes. The most interesting use is probably the butcher’s block, since the wood is hard and has no scent – so the wood does not taint the meat.

Unfortunately the Yellowwood is now extinct in some areas. By law they may not be cut down, damaged etc. without a license. A licencecan be granted by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

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