Elephant tusks convert into firearms and bombs

Have you ever though that elephants and the recent tragic killing in the mall in Kenya by Al-Shabaab were linked? I certainly didn’t but after reading this link by former US President Bill Clinton, I do now: http://www.treehugger.com/culture/bill-clinton-interconnectedness.html. I’m sure that we all knew that a few of the kingpins were getting richer by the day from poaching but I never thought that it was terrorist groups that were benefiting from this act of savagery! The mere thought of this should galvanize even the most ardent hater of elephants into some sort of action. These ‘people’ kill the elephants; sell the ivory and purchase firearms and bombs to kill innocent people and children – all in the name of religion!

Al-Shabaab allegedly retaliated against the Kenyans’ for going into southern Somalia to try and keep Al-Shabaab from infiltrating Kenya. It is estimated that the attack cost about $100 000 – $150 000 which was funded by the illegal trade in ivory. Clinton went on to say that this elephant poaching, if it continues at this rate, will result in the extinction of elephants in Africa in as little as 20 years! He concluded by saying that Al-Shabaab get as much as 40% of its income from illegal ivory sales. Quite a scary thought!



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3 Responses to Elephant tusks convert into firearms and bombs

  1. To think that they are using these wonderful shape shifters in the name of religion shocking indeed. I love your pics. Were they taken at Tembe? *Biddy

    • Andrew Anderson says:

      Hi Biddy. The 1st 3 pictures are at Tembe and the last – close up of the face – was taken at Hluhluwe. Being in this line of work gives me such good opportunities to get some pictures of all sorts of animals.

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