Meet the team: Syanne, Riley and Noah from SOMKHANDA


Riley began as a field guide 5 years ago with a particular interest in birds and his guiding has taken him on plenty adventures, from game capture, to cruising the lake St. Lucia, to watching turtles nesting along the coast at 2 am in the morning! After a brief stint back in Howick for the birth of his son Noah, and stuck in an office job, Riley was only too happy to get out of the office and move his new family back into the bush at Somkhanda Game Reserve!

Riley is back to being outdoors again, and among other things, is busy building the new student camp at Somkhanda Game Reserve.

Catch Riley around the fire one evening, and there will be plenty of chatting and a few stories to tell of his many adventures around Zululand.



Syanne began her career at Ithala Game Reserve as a young inexperienced 20 year old who happened to apply for a job as a Catering Manager and got it!

After a few years at Ithala, Syanne moved around Zululand before settling down and starting a family with Riley. After the birth of Noah, it was decided that city life was far too chaotic and far too “dangerous” for such a tiny new baby, and the bush would be a much safer place to raise a child! Facing a spitting cobra or a black Rhino would be much easier than driving through Friday traffic in Pietermaritzburg with a tiny baby strapped up in his car seat.

Syanne is based in the office and around the lodge at Somkhanda, taking care of the day to day running of the lodge and the bookings. In between, Riley, Syanne and Noah try to take in as much of the bush life as possible with lots of exploring and sometimes sleeping (Noah).


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