One year down


I sometimes sit and stare into the grass


And sometimes I sit on top of a pole

Can you believe that today I have been working for African Insight for a year? As the saying goes “time flies when you are having fun”. A year ago I was nervous as I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for – I am now petrified as I know what I let myself in for! African Insight or more specifically Andrew Anderson (MD) doesn’t let the moss grow under his feet and is always embarking on a new project or three. As I mentioned very briefly on Facebook we are planning a number of new attractions but when does one find the time to sit down and change ideas into actions?

Oh well I chose to work for AI and must I confess that I have had fun over the past year. The numerous trips I have been on and the interesting, and sometimes challenging people have made the year fly by. My family, friends and co-workers all think that I am on permanent holiday. Jealousy makes one nasty but they are not the one’s up before sunrise and going to bed way after normal bed time, constantly trying to keep the students busy and interested.

I look forward to the next year and all the interesting people and animals that I will meet along the way. New year = new challenges let’s get stuck in.

About Andrew Anderson

Managing Director: African Insight - Travel Experiences That Make A Difference African Insight - Explorations Tourism Concessionaire - Somkhanda Game Reserve
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