Luanda Bronze award


The International School of Luanda spent a week with African Insight on a hiking and wildlife trip. We hiked 2 days of the Fanie Botha hiking trail, which some of the students found very challenging. But they did well in persevering and all of them completed the 21km and 12km days. The celebration lunch at MacMac Retreat was very well received.

A highlight of the trip was Moholoholo Rehabilitation centre. The group enjoyed hearing why the animals had to be rehabilitated, they fed some vultures, touched a lion cub and laughed when they were told about Stoffel, the Honeybadger’s, escape tricks!

Kamai, the reptile centre was another highlight where they could touch snakes and spiders, while at the same time learn more to understand that they do not have to be terrified of either!


We finished the tour off with 2 days in the Kruger park where the hightlight probably were the wild dogs! But fun was have driving on open vehicles, spotting giraffe, kudu, rhino, buffalo and elephant up close…


Hannelie Morris Pickering
Freelance Guide for African Insight

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