Luanda International School Silver Award

The Luanda International School from Angola spent a week with African Insight in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. They spent the first night at Emseni Camp where they did some leadership and team building exercises. This was a great way to get the students’ attitudes right and to help them get to know each other on a different level.

Two days were spent paddling down the Tugela River, which everyone enjoyed. Their final paddling challenge was quite a big rapid, that every team choose to go for! Well done guys!


The third day was hiking, which allowed great views on their paddling experience, as well as the guide, Lee, sharing great information about the South African bush. Once they got into camp they all went for a swim in the dam, which was a great way to cool of and get clean.


Then they mountain biked for a day. This started quite slow, with some technical biking and lots of bike pushing, but they definitely got the hang of it, judging by the speed they pedaled into camp at the end of the day.

The fifth day was a hike up Spionkop, which included sightings of Rhino, Zebra, Giraffe and Eland, as well as a talk on the Battle of Spionkop during the Anglo-Boer war. They spent a night in the Musi, with a Zulu family and ate traditional food, like Samp and Beans for dinner and Putu for breakfast.


The last day was a quick walk back to Emseni, which the group did in a near record time!

As a guide I would like to congratulate the Luanda students on their positive attitude, their superb manners and thank them for all their help, to make this trip easier for us! And also a big thank you to the teachers for all their help and support! I hope we will see Luanda back often…


Hannelie Morris Pickering
African Insight Freelance Guide
084 486 2949

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