Interesting animal facts from around the world

Animals are fascinating for so many reasons, some simply because of their beauty, some because of their ability to kill you and some because of their life styles and ability to cause phobias.


If you decide to research some of the facts below you will more than likely come up with different answers as getting accurate data on speed for example varies immensely.  Also the way that speed is measured, is it diving speed or level speed.


10 Most Common Phobias

Spiders, snakes, wasps, birds, mice, fish, bees, dogs, caterpillars and other insects and lastly cats.


10 Fastest Birds – level flight

Spine-tailed Swift – 171 km

Frigate bird 153 km

Spur-winged Goose 142 km

Red-breasted Merganser 129 km

White-rumped Swift 124 km

Canvasback Duck 116 km

Eider Duck 113 km

Teal 109 km

Mallard 105 km

Pintail 105 km

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts on this subject: for example the fastest animal and the slowest – any idea which those are?

Nigel Anderson
Guide at African Insight

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