Zulu Genealogy – A History of the Zulu Royal House

The Royal Lineage of Prince Jacob Zulu

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King Mpande – (from whom the current King Zwelithini Goodwill descends) – was a half brother of King Shaka and King Dingane (both of whom had no known descendants). King Mpande took over the throne from Dingane and ruled for over 30 years. He had 29 wives from which 29 Princes and 23 Princesses were born. They and their descendants were all referred to as AbaNtwana.

Prince Dabulamanzi (died 22nd September 1886) was the only child of King Mpande’s 7th wife Nseyane Sanguza Gumede and he was placed in the Udhloko Regiment and was known to have fought at the Battles of Rorke’s Drift and Gingindhlovu in 1879. Prince Dabulamanzi (Jacob’s Great Grandfather) had 20 wives and 37 children of which one Bangani George (Jacob’s Grandfather) was the 1st of 3 children born to his 15th wife Gcabashe of Kwa Muziwomuntu. Bangani George ka Dabulamanzi of Kwa Muziwomuntu had 4 wives and 12 children of which Jacob’s father was Daniel the 3rd child of the 1st wife KaMpiyakhe Khotho Buthelezi. Daniel (Jacob’s father ) had 2 wives of which Jacob Bhekuzulu was the 1st born of the 2nd wife Ma Khanyile who had 5 children. Jacob was fostered from birth along with his sister Nomthandazo Magdalena by Daniel’s 1st wife Mbhutu who was childless.

Jacob has 22 children.

The Zulu Lineage

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