The Shy Five and the Little Five

The Shy Five

The shy five is a term from the people at Meerkat Magic and is for some of the animals found in the little Karoo of South Africa. It consists of the:

  • Aardvark
  • Aardwolf
  • Bat-eared fox
  • Meerkat
  • Porcupine

An Aartvark – one of the Shy Five

The Little Five

The little five consists of the:

  • Ant lion – is a larva which digs a funnel shaped crater which it carefully prepares.  It burries itself at the bottom and awaits its prey (ants).
  • Buffalo weavers – Nest in open colonies.  Their nests are untidy and are made of twigs and coarse grasses.
  • Elephant shrew – gets its name from it long nose and is said to be the most successful ground-dwelling insectivores;
  • Leopard tortoise – it is the largest tortoises in Africa and its name come from the colour of its shell.  They grow to approximately 60cm or more in length.  Their eggs only hatch a year after being laid.
  • Rhinoceros beetle – one of the largest beetles (3 – 6cm long) in Southern Africa and it has huge spikes similar to a rhino’s horn, the beetles use them mainly for combat but also for digging, climbing and mating, not for defense.

Ant Lion, one of the Little Five

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2 Responses to The Shy Five and the Little Five

  1. These are so much more interesting than the Big Five! Thanks for sharing. Your blog is crammed with fascinating information.

    • Andrew Anderson says:

      Yes Nikki, we agree that these are way more interesting that the Big Five! And thanks for the feedback, it is great that you are finding the blog fascinating!

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