The Impossible Five and the Ugly Five

It all started with the Big Five, but then came the Shy Five and the Little Five and now also have the…

The Impossible Five

There has also been comment on the impossible five, because of them being so elusive and hard to find.  They are the:

  • Aardvark
  • Cape mountain leopard
  • Pangolin
  • White lion (in the wild)
  • Riverine rabbit

The White Lion, one of the Impossible Five

The Ugly Five

And the ugly five – and if you’ve seen them, you know that they deserve this title, although having said that, they are no less interesting and they do add to the whole African experience!  They are the:

  • Hyena
  • Wildebeest
  • Warthog
  • Vulture
  • Marabou Stork

The Warthog, one of the Ugly Five

Not sure which are the Big Five? – Read our post here: BigFive

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